Logistics packaging plays a crucial role in supply chain management by helping to reduce costs, minimize the risk of damage and improve customer satisfaction.

Ciuch Packing

All our solutions to pack your goods

We integrate machines adapted to your needs, packaging modules that will fit perfectly into your supply chain:

– adapt the packaging to the size of the product,
– customize the labeling,
– edit documents,
– automate your packaging processes…

  • Case forming and closing machine
  • 3D packaging machines
  • Bagging machine
  • Labeling machine (tracking, transport, hazardous materials, etc.)
  • Document deposit & editing

Case forming and closing machine

In your supply chain, we integrate a machine that automatically forms and glues cardboard, trays or American boxes.


Labeling and document removal

We manufacture modules that identify the containers thanks to an automatic labeling system, or thanks to an incremental code marking system, directly on the box.

It is also possible to automatically place the preparation support (pick-list) directly into the container.

At the end of the preparation process, before closing the box, we integrate a printer capable of depositing the invoice or other personalized document.

Automatic packaging line

We can also set up an automated packaging line with variable useful height, equipped with 2 modules: Height adjustment and cap fitting

We also offer other cushioning solutions: Cushioning with glued cardboard sheets and shrink tunnel with shrink film cushioning

Manual / automatic labelling

We offer manual inbound labeling solutions as well as automatic labeling solutions, depending on your needs and the particularities of your supply chain.

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