Ciuch WCS® The (really) intelligent piloting

Our IT department has developed an in-house control system: the Ciuch Warehouse Control System (WCS)®. Thanks to it, we can interface with our customers’ warehouse management software. And more…



Ciuch is a major player in the mechanization and automation of warehouses.
For more than 20 years, more than 1 billion orders have arrived safely thanks to the Ciuch WCS®.

Ciuch edits and integrates Ciuch WCS®,
interface your WMS / ERP
and the mechanization / automation
dedicated to your order preparation
for your order preparation.

Ciuch WCS®, pilots, organizes, regulates, distributes and traces all the flows
of order preparation
and optimizes your tools to guarantee
the right product in the right package
at the right time.

Ciuch WCS, helps you to respect
the customer promise by optimizing, balancing
the loads over the entire
the entire order picking process
process and keeping to the
the shipping time.

Ciuch WCS® supports you from the preparation to the dispatch of orders by integrating all the technologies / processes of the market:

  • Activity monitoring
  • Management of anomalies, reject station and weight control
  • Balancing of flows
  • Consolidation (radio terminals, robots, palletization, loading…)
  • Edition of standard documents and customization
  • Scheduling
  • Automatic or manual launch
  • Optimization of transported volumes
  • Automated storage management (mini-load, stacker crane, etc.)
  • Preparation (pick-by-light, put-to-light, radio terminals, voice, break-out units, etc.)
  • E-commerce (picking and ventilation)
  • Option in the picking pack :
    – Carrier (Carrier management)
    – Prepacking (pre-packing)

Si Client WMS/RP

Ciuch WCS® provides a flexible solution without heavy investment because it adapts to the existing IT.

Within your warehouse, Ciuch WCS® orchestrates all your solutions to guarantee the customer promise.

Take a Best of Breed approach.
We connect them and tune the scores to deliver the most beautiful symphony.