Agility is no longer a concept, but a reality!
Enter the world of Plug & Play with INGINI®!


Enter an accelerated available, Plug & Play world!

The + products / benefits

  • Fast deployment and commissioning
  • Reduced installation time on site
  • Scalability
  • Simplified maintenance
  • CSR approach: our products are recyclable and reusable
  • Material valorization: your product does not lose value
  • Energy recovery during braking, use for restarting
  • Conveyor speed adapted to the flow and rate of parcels
  • Ultra quiet: the noise level is less than 70 dB!
  • High reparability

Re-design, Re-connect, Re-play endlessly!

The INGINI® dedicated WCS

INGINI® Ware allows you to have standard APIs and to be autonomous to manage the communication with the Host system (WMS, ERP, WCS)

INGINI® Ware organizes and fluidizes the mechanized flow. It offers you a 3D representation, in real time, of your installation.

INGINI® Ware informs you on all the measurable events of the line.

INGINI® Component
Plug & Play modules

INGINI® Component is a functional block based on a conveyor section with (or without) an integrated machine.
INGINI® Component is autonomous. It communicates in network with all the INGINI® Components connected.
Its hermaphroditic connectors make it the champion of Plug & Play.

With INGINI®, Re-design, Re-connect, Re-play endlessly!

The power cabinet but ...and more!

INGINI® Box distributes power, network and
safety to all conveyors, machines and accessories.
and accessories.

INGINI® Box integrates INGINI Ware® on its touch screen.