In your warehouse, let’s build the conveyor you need to move your goods safely and efficiently. Design, maintenance, continuous improvement: we act on all aspects of your conveyor’s life.

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All our conveying solutions

It is within our factory based in Tourcoing, in the Lille Metropolis, that your conveyors and special machines come to life.

Since its creation, Ciuch has attached particular importance to the quality of its equipment and its design. Whether it is for bagging coal (slatted conveyors at the birth of Ciuch) or for preparing of Ciuch) or to prepare the most beautiful French luxury products. The CSR approach of our R&D is the search for reduction of noise pollution, energy costs, improvement of maintainability and reusability.

→ Conveyors integrated into flow racking system
→ Belt conveyors
→ Motorized roller conveyors
→ Helical conveyors
→ Telescopic conveyors
→ Empty box removal conveyors
→ Continuous or discontinuous elevators / lowerators
→ Medium speed sorters (45°, 90°)
→ Automatic palletizing / depalletizing
→ Bin stackers / unstackers
→ Cap posing and removing

Station conveyor

This conveyor allows you to orient your parcels only in the areas requiring an operation (picking, document deposit…)
In the case of an order preparation, the conveyor can be either integrated to the picking cabinet (The interest of this version: ergonomics of taking and improvement of the number of picked articles / hour), or detached from the picking cabinet (The interest of this version: increase of the number of references).

Spiral conveyor

Vertical elevator / descender conveyor allowing the routing of parcels on different levels and this in continuous flow with a reduced footprint.


Vertical lift / lowering

Vertical elevator / descender conveyor allowing the routing of parcels on different levels and this in continuous flow with a reduced footprint.

Need a document feeder / distributor?

Integration of an automatic document dispenser, which can have several magazines.
It allows to personalize the mailing (according to a product family: addition of an advertisement specific to this family).

High speed sorting

Depending on your needs and the characteristics of the articles (weight, dimensions, fragility…), we set up a perfectly adapted solution of high speed sorting.
This high speed sorting allows you to :

  • process a large number of items in a minimum of time.
  • reduce preparation costs by reducing the number of operators, for an equal processing volume.
  • control the order preparation in real time.
  • secure the processed orders.
  • integrate a given IT tool (productivity, statistics, production archives, etc.).



Weight control

Integration of static or dynamic weighing systems, for information or control, to acquire weights for shipment processing (choice of carrier) and very often for preparation control (verification by comparison of the expected theoretical weight and the actual weight of the package, associated with a rejection zone)

Sorting of goods

Driven by Ciuch WCS© our goods sorting solutions integrate 45° pop-up belts or rollers or single or multi-row diverters, integrated in a roller conveyor.

Palletizer / Depalletizer

Carrying loads… a daily challenge!

At Ciuch, we design solutions and integrate 6-axis robots to gain in productivity and ergonomics for repetitive and tedious tasks.

We couple our range of parcel/pallet conveyors with a 6-axis robot to palletize/de-palletize your containers in complete safety. Our pallet range has a height of less than 100 mm allowing loading and unloading by a pallet truck.

Focus on high value-added functions!

Driven by Ciuch WCS©, our automatic palletizing solutions integrate robotized cells capable of palletizing product cartons on one or more pallets (centralized palletizing and order scheduling or splitting), or to perform a stacking of bins (replenishment optimization by grouping products by universe, ergonomics optimization by placing the heaviest bins at the bottom of the stack…).

Need a telescopic conveyor?

In your conveyor system, we can integrate a telescopic conveyor, capable of automatically unloading (unloader) or loading (loader) the contents of a transport truck. The result is substantial productivity gains for your logistics line.

Rotate your goods

Do you need to change the orientation of your cartons or goods in transit? We can set up a carton pivot point, which allows a flat rotation of the carton at 90° (or 180°) in order to change its orientation on the conveyors (label reading, accumulation…)

Return your boxes or containers

We propose a machine capable of turning over cartons or containers in order to empty their contents at the right time, and at the right place in your logistics line.

Empty box conveyor

A conveyor to bring your empty boxes directly to the compactor, and save time and space.

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