With Ciuch WCS© Also optimize your inventory management.

Our Ciuch Warehouse Control System (WCS)© will soon be equipped with a Warehouse Management System (WMS) software. To go even further in the centralization of software, and facilitate even more the logistics of the warehouse, thanks to an intelligent, connected and most efficient inventory management.

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A WMS integrated to the Ciuch WCS© All-in-one logistics

In your business, inventory management has become essential. Saving space, time and energy: the advantages of optimized inventory management are now fundamental vectors of competitiveness. That’s all there is to it.

Technical developments in your warehouse have often been accompanied by an increase in the number and complexity of storage and order picking operations. And even if technology and automation have managed to take the turn, this is not always the case with your IT.

To optimize inventory management and the operation of your warehouse in general, it has become essential to have a unique technological solution, capable of efficiently interfacing your various IT systems.



From the receipt to the shipment of your goods, there are a multitude of phases and steps where the management of your stocks deserves an optimization.

Our Ciuch WCS© will soon be equipped with WMS functions.

Because we owe it to our customers and their inventory management.

From point A to point B. But faster.

The WMS are software that allow to manage and optimize the management of stocks and to fluidify your intra-warehouse logistic flows, at all stages:

  • Reception
  • Warehousing
  • Preparation
  • Inventory management
  • Shipping
  • Inventory
  • Volume management

The functionalities of a WMS

  • General management of the warehouse (dimensioning and location of goods, management of volumes and types of products accepted, replenishment operations, etc.)
  • Analysis of data related to articles (nature, quantities, volumes, statistics…) to adapt the packaging to a product for example, or to improve the traceability of a good, upstream and downstream of the warehouse
  • Storage management (optimization of goods movements and their location in the warehouse)
  • Receiving (in connection with the purchasing management system or Computer-Aided Production Management – CAPM)
  • Order preparation (entry, packing, constitution of batches, etc.)

And in terms of operations optimization, we have not yet invented everything. For the rest, we (also) need you.


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