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Needs expertise

Long live universal language !
If we want to work together we need to speak the same language...

This is why CIUCH's IT department has developed an IT management system (CiuchWCS) which allows you to interface with all the major warehouse management software.

Besides its functions of "universal translator", the interface "CiuchWCS" possesses features of order preparation such as the documents edition, the labelling, the preparation in picking station, the balancing or even the traceability !
Computerised dialogues... let's talk about it...


Le « plus»

Four research departments for a really "made to measure" design

Theories are all very well they only have a meaning if they have been proved on the terrain... This is why our company policy has always been completely practical. We validate ideas, prove concepts, make consistency checks, prototypes, and anticipate schedules....

These qualities are what has made our success. Another proof of quality, our four research departments specialised in each of the following areas : mechanics, automation, electricity and information technology. Our complete mastery of internal production management means that we can bring new and concrete answers to all your conveyance and logistical needs whatever your domain : distribution, industry, mail-order selling, pharmaceuticals, logistics services..

Here at CIUCH we beleive that talent should be shared.


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